Having a lush green lawn is a great way to enjoy the weather while relaxing in the garden. In fact, a well-maintained lawn would inevitably enhance the resale value of your home as well as make your home more appealing to buyers. But many homeowners don’t like the maintenance work associated with a natural grass lawn. Artificial grass lawns are the best choice for such homeowners. This article will highlight some of the most important factors to consider when deciding between a natural or synthetic lawn for your house.

Appearance – Artificial grass is too shiny and it will be easily distinguished from the natural version if someone is to take a closer look at it. But there are also some varieties of artificial grass that look very realistic from a distance. Then again, the greenness of artificial grass is unmatched by the natural version, unless a lot of care is taken in maintenance and regular trimming is done. Some people would always want a natural look, hence personal preferences also should be taken into account when deciding between the two varieties of grass.

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Maintenance – Low maintenance is the number one advantage of artificial grass. It is not affected by insect damage, don’t have worn or dead spots and no regular mowing, weed controlling and fertilizing required. It is a great choice for drought-prone areas since no watering is required. Artificial grass is also great if you have kids and pets running around the house all the time. The only maintenance work required for synthetic grass is the brushing which should be done every six months and the refilling which helps to keep the blades upright.

Feel – The feel between the two versions are quite different to each other. But the newer varieties of synthetic grass would give a much closer feeling to the natural version. Artificial grass may heat up on warm days while natural grass may remain cool and comfortable. Watered lawns will help to cool down the house during the hot and humid summer, which is a plus point for natural grass.

Cost – Where the initial cost is concerned, natural grass is quite cheaper than artificial grass. Also, when you maintain it properly, natural grass may last for a lifetime while artificial grass may only last for 12-15 years. But when the long term maintenance costs are taken into account, there is not much of a difference between the two in the long run.

Environmental Impact – Natural grass will help to reduce greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and allow for rain water to seep into the soil. This will help to enrich your ground water reserves. But a well-maintained natural grass lawn will require regular watering and fertilizing. Artificial grass will not require watering and fertilizing in anyway. But the latest varieties of artificial grasses will allow for rain water percolation. The disadvantage is that synthetic grass is made of plastic which may have long term environmental impacts.

Long-Term Investment – Your final choice should be based on the aforementioned factors. If you plan to put up a lawn for the sole purpose of enhancing the property value, natural grass is the best for you. But if you plan to stay in the house for some time, artificial grass is great since you simply put it and forget about it.

Additionally you need to be weary when picking your grass – check out this article –¬†http://www.smh.com.au/national/threat-of-toxic-playgrounds-20120121-1qb5s.html

Your personal preference will play a large role in the final choice between artificial and natural grass. Allocating time to maintain the lawn, the look and feel of the lawn and the best choice for the environment will have to be taken into account when choosing between the two. If you have insects and grass allergy sufferers in your family, the artificial grass version may be best for you.

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