As crime rates throughout NSW rise, many residents are looking to sure up their property with extra security measures. One way of doing this is the use of external security shutters.

Security roller shutters are made to roll down over a window or door. They fit very closely to provide maximum security. They are usually made of steel, aluminium or metal. It all depends on the need of your home.

Some roller shutters in Sydney are manually operated. They use a winder or a similar mechanism to move up and down. Other shutters are electrically operated. A button or switch is used to open and close them. Electrical shutters can be can be powered using a motor, or some form of solar energy.

Rollers shutters usually have a solid design. Their slats are tightly joined together and can be opened to your preferred level. When open, the shutters are hidden away in a slim casing called a cassette.


They provide sufficient security

One of the main benefits of shutters is security. Since they are closely fitted to your door or window, pulling them away is quite difficult. It would take tremendous strength or force to accomplish such a task. This serves as a great deterrent for any potential intruders. In addition, they also make for a good visual deterrent. Most would be robbers turn away after seeing window shutters.


In addition to security they also offer sufficient insulation. They prevent any heat from entering or leaving your home. They can reflect up to 90% of heat away from your home. In addition, they also make great sound insulators. They can reduce sound transmission by as much as 50%. This means you will have more stable temperatures inside your home and a quieter environment.


Roller shutters give you control over the amount of light entering your home. You can decide to completely darken the room by lowering the shutters or you can have them open to allow maximum sunlight. It’s all up to you. Roller shutters also give you control over ventilation. You can open and close them depending on the amount of fresh air you want to stream in. In addition, they provide you with various levels of privacy. You can open or close them completely. It all depends on you.

Protection against the weather

Another major benefit of shutters is that they protect your windows and doors against the elements. During a storm, they can deflect branches and other kinds of debris that usually cause damage. Roller shutters also offer protection against embers in the event of a bushfire. They deflect them away before they can cause any damage.

With each passing day, more and more people are embracing the idea of roller shutters in their home. This is because they are practical and offer various benefits.

Another thing you need to take care of on your house is your roof. Getting a regular roof restoration in Sydney is essential to ensure burglars can not easily lift off broken tiles to get in your home.