The best way to increase the market value of a house, whether it has been your home for a while or you’ve just bought it, is to make a plan.

It is important not to rush into doing anything. Take your time, get to know the flaws of your home and the areas that could benefit from some renovation works. Start by putting together a list of all things you’d like to change. Don’t worry about organizing your list in any way. Just include on it all the updates you feel like necessary. Also, try to estimate for how long you may need to live in the house before being able to put it up for sale. If your intention is to sell it, you should talk with a realtor and develop a selling plan.

Take a look at your list and try to estimate the cost of each item on it. Additionally, estimate how much time each update would need. You should be realistic. If you want a pond with goldfish and a small waterfall in your backyard, you may want to consider the financial implications of all these.

The next step is to prioritize the items on your list. Determine what is an absolute “must-have” and what is only wishful thinking. You need to come away with a balance that suits your financial power.

With your plan in hand, go see a realtor and discuss about the kind of return each investment would bring. Some of them are going to pay off much better than others, so you may want to start with those.

Renovate one room at a time

A house renovation can be a big and challenging project. This is why it’s better to split it into multiple smaller ones. By tackling one room at a time, everything is going to look more manageable. whether we talk about knocking down walls or about a simple layer of fresh paint. Beware of hazards during the renovation such as asbestos. In the case of asbestos problems, make sure you hire a Sydney asbestos Removal Company to inspect, demolish and remove all fragments of asbestos from the walls and ceilings.

Put together a list of everything you’d like to achieve, and then break it down into cost-based categories of projects. Beware at the time needed to complete each of those items on your list. If you know you only have one day or one weekend to work on something, pick an item you can actually finish in the available time frame.

Small improvements can take you a long way.

When you are on a tight budget, it’s easy to find yourself torn between improving your home decor to make it more modern and making upgrades that could increase the market value of your home. You may be surprised to learn that doing a little of both can actually be the best solution.

This is why you have to split your projects in two lists. One list should contain those changes that have the potential of increasing the value of the house. The other list should contain upgrades you’d do just to improve your personal level of comfort. The first category includes things such as replacing old faucets, changing the doors or upgrading the floors. In the second category, you should put things like new furniture, window treatments and artwork. This is a plan which would enable you to actually see progress as you go through it and get things done.

Cleaning your house can bring you a profit.
A house that’s up on the market needs to be spotless clean at all times. A clean house has a much better potential of attracting buyers than one which is full of grime and dirt.

Cleaning your house should be one of your top priorities. This should include all maintenance works and the spotting of potential issues before they become too costly to fix. Additionally, you have to remove all dirt and junk before it actually starts to pile up and make cleaning more difficult. Mold, for instance, can spread like crazy if ignored. Eventually, living in a clean house is going to be better for your health.