The state of business in NSW is extremely healthy with NSW passing WA in the latest State of the States report by Commsec.

Led by strong growth in new home construction, NSW has seen a return of consumer confidence. While the housing construction market surges, the housing market continues it’s up-trend Australia wide, causing the RBA to come up with alternative strategies to reduce the surge of property prices, they meet later this month to discuss strategies other than interest rate rises to fight inflation in real estate.

The technology sector continues to grow with considerable investment online coming from traditional bricks and mortar businesses. Aaron Smith – a Sydney SEO Consultant has noticed a considerable increase in investment in online advertising. Businesses attempting to capitalise on strong consumer sentiment.

Commsec releases their report quarterly and measures a number of different factors including economic growth and new construction. Anyway, a great achievement from NSW this quarter, who just 6 years ago, placed last on the list in this same report.

Go you Blues!