Since we introduced outdoor blinds to our range of products 5 years ago they have been our most popular product. Our Outdoor Blinds are now all manufactured by Design Outdoor Blinds Sydney in their Sydney Manufacturing facility.

Recently I was over at a friends place enjoying a BBQ. When I say I was enjoying it, it is quite surprising as the wind was a brisk Southerly coming in at 35Km. On an evening when I would have usually done anything do avoid an outdoor dining area I found myself relaxing with nice brew and a fat steak. The reason we were able to use this patio was he had recently had Patio Blinds installed.

Patio blinds, or as they are more popularly known outdoor blinds are made from high quality textile that lets light and vision through, but blocks rain, wind and sun by 95%. Aaron from Casashade says that their blinds are even fire resistant, taking the risk out having them near a BBQ or outdoor heater.

Cafe blinds can add privacy to the outdoor room, so it really becomes a practical extension of your home. Whenever you need more fresh air, relax or get some nap, your veranda or patio can provide just the right atmosphere for you. It is even more beneficial if you have a scenic view outside your home that you would want to accentuate or draw attention to. Installing cafe blinds would make the outdoor area more cosy to enjoy such view. You can entertain guests outside to give them a better view of the outdoor sceneries.

Aaron from Casashade Blinds and Shutters says that the installation of outdoor blinds on your patio are can increase the usage of the area by up to 40%. Which makes sens with all of the Winter months you would be able use it, just hunker down, close up the blinds , lock them in and switch on the BBQ, the patio will be nice and toast in no time.

Patio blinds are not just plain decoration for homes. These are effective weather protection as it can help in blocking the sunlight from entering the room. It can also protect the patio from rain splashes especially if the patio is an open area. When you purchase your patio blinds, make sure that you decide on what type and style that will match your home. You should also know the size that you need to purchase. This way, there will be no hassles when you will be setting this up in your patio door or window. Choose the most appropriate design depending on the look that you want to create for your patio.

Patio Blind Sydney

As you can see from the image above – these things are all class. Make sure you grab some before Winter hits, grab a cheap gas outdoor heater while you’re at it and you want want to come back inside!!